Use Home Staging to Make Your Real Estate Photography in Tampa Stand Out

It doesn't matter how amazing a home is or how talented your photographer is, if the home isn't staged well, ...
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Commercial Photography

Real Estate Pictures Sky Replacement: Yes or No?

To replace the sky or not to replace the sky, that is the question. Ask a handful of photographers, and ...
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An Airbnb Photographer Can Help You Make More Money

How much is your Airbnb rental making you? The average side gig brings in less than $500 a month, but ...
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real estate photos, Commercial Photography

Don’t Do These Things to Your Real Estate Photos

We know that you want your real estate photos to look amazing. But there are some things that you just ...
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Headshot Photography Background Ideas

The day of headshot photography where you have a stool in front of a generic background is over. You can ...
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real estate photographer

Headshot Photo Posing Ideas

What do I do with my hands!? If you're like most people, you already feel uncomfortable enough getting your picture ...
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