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Lux Image Group, LLC is based out of Wesley Chapel, Florida and specializes in headshots, architectural and real estate photography. We use professional level Nikon digital cameras and lenses, combined with multiple exposure and flash techniques to provide our clients with the highest quality images that accurately represent their properties.


Lux Image Group, LLC provides professional real estate photography to Realtors and Real Estate agencies who are looking to effectively market their properties and want to create a significant impact on their clients and their overall branding.


We pride ourselves on working closely with our clientele in order to deliver exemplary customer service to those looking to market their homes and business.


Custom Tailored

Each photoshoot is tailored to the individual project. Great photography isn’t a cookie cutter experience. At Lux we take the time to discuss your vision and goal for your pictures. We take the time to capture just the right look.

Industry Understanding

It is important to not have just any photographer shoot your home. You need to have one that understands your goals and purpose.

Client Trust

We work hard to earn our client’s trust. Our client’s know they can depend on us to deliver quality photos every time. Our goal is to provide a quality service so you can depend on us for all of your photography needs.

Quick Turn Around

You’ve paid your photos, and you have a business to run. You shouldn’t be left waiting around for your pictures. We understand that as a real estate agent, you have a home to sell. We strive for quick turn around times to help you keep your business running smoothly.

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