We offer a full suit of services to cater to all of your real estate photography needs.

  • A great headshot helps brand your professional image. This is key when looking to further your career.

  • Daytime photos are the standard, especially here in Florida. Twilight real estate photos stand out with their strong colors, lack of shadows, and warm interior glow.

  • The right pictures can help a home sell quicker and for a higher value. Professional real estate photographers know how feature a home's best qualities.

  • Looking for an exterior photo that stands out? Elevated photography can take a home from nice to attention grabbing.



Whether you are selling a sprawling multi million dollar estate or a quaint 1,500 square foot home we have the equipment and skills to showcase your home. We take a thoughtful and purposeful approach to composing a portfolio of images that feature the best qualities of your home.

    Custom Tailored

    Each photoshoot is tailored to the individual project. Great photography isn’t a cookie cutter experience. At Lux we take the time to discuss your vision and goal for your pictures. We take the time to capture just the right look.

    Industry Understanding

    It is important to not have just any photographer shoot your home. You need to have one that understands your goals and purpose.

    Client Trust

    We work hard to earn our client’s trust. Our client’s know they can depend on us to deliver quality photos every time. Our goal is to provide a quality service so you can depend on us for all of your photography needs.

    Quick Turn Around

    You’ve paid your photos, and you have a business to run. You shouldn’t be left waiting around for your pictures. We understand that as a real estate agent, you have a home to sell. We strive for quick turn around times to help you keep your business running smoothly.

  • Annon

    I hired Lux to take photos of my Airbnb condo. They knew just how to make it look bright and spacious! So worth the investment to have professional looking pictures for our rental listings!

  • Debbie Jones

    I hired Lux to take my professional headshots. Ian was the photographer they sent and he was amazing! He we great at putting me at ease so my pictures came out looking great.

  • First Step Realty

    Lux always helps us deliver professional and beautiful photos of our client's homes. We appreciate their professional approach and dependability.

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