How much is your Airbnb rental making you? The average side gig brings in less than $500 a month, but Airbnb hosts are making more. How does your monthly income compare to the average of $924 and a median of $440? If your income isn’t stacking up, then it may be time to hire an Airbnb photographer.

A photographer can help you create a beautiful and enticing listing that will get more people booking. Keep reading, and let’s look at the details of hiring a photographer.

It’s a Digital World

Think about the last time you planned your own vacation. You probably went online, looking through a few websites, browsing the pictures of different resorts and destinations.

Or what about checking out a new restaurant? You go online and look through the pictures on Google, Yelp, or some other review site. If the restaurant seems sketchy or the food doesn’t look enticing, then you may decide not to go.

This same visual judgment happens to your Airbnb listing. If people look at the photos and don’t imagine themselves there, they won’t book.

Stunning, high-quality photos stand out among the hundreds of listings and will entice someone to click on your listing. The increased click-throughs raise your odds for more bookings.

Let’s Look at the Numbers

We mentioned the monthly average and median incomes for Airbnb renters earlier. If your monthly income is the average of $924, then you have an extra $11,088 coming in every year. If you make the median of $440, then you make an extra $5,280 each year.

If your Airbnb income isn’t comparable to these incomes, isn’t it worth spending the month on an Airbnb photographer to increase your business?

If you spent $250 on a photographer, that’s 4.7% of your $5280 income.

Improve Renter Satisfaction

You want to set the right expectations when someone books your place. If you aren’t a professional photographer, your photos may not be capturing the essence of your real estate.

Then when your guests arrive, they’re disappointed by reality not living up to what they expected. A professional photographer can help you showcase your rental in the best light while also staying true to the property.

Hire an Airbnb Photographer Today

When it comes to shooting your rental for Airbnb, don’t just hire any professional photographer. You need to hire someone who understands and has experience with real estate. They know how to capture the best qualities of your rental.

Contact our team today and let us help you boost your Airbnb bookings with professional photography.

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