We know that you want your real estate photos to look amazing. But there are some things that you just shouldn’t do. Photoshop can be a tempting mistress with her ability to turn a humdrum picture into something brilliant and amazing.

While there’s nothing wrong with using photoshop to enhance your photos, be sure to not make these crucial mistakes.

Change the Sky Too Far

It’s one thing to enhance the sky to compliment the picture and enhance the look of the home. After all, we’ve all seen that picture where the sky washed out, and it’s an essentially white sky behind a white house.

Or if there were dark and stormy clouds, maybe that gives the wrong negative impression of the home. Changing out the sky for something brighter and more cheerful can help make the home look more inviting.

The problem comes in when people start adding colorful or unrealistic sky behind the home. Sure sunset light looks beautiful with the sky awash of red, orange, and pink. But this isn’t realistic for mid-day shooting.

Stick some something subtle and realistic instead of going for bold and dramatic. Remember, you’re trying to sell a house, not win an art show.

Overly Green the Grass

This is another area where you could enhance, but don’t create. Photoshop can help you enhance the green of the lawn. But you shouldn’t have your photographer “paint” green grass everywhere to eliminate the dead areas.

When you do this, you’re entering into murky waters of false advertising. When you completely change the dead spots to green, you’re showing the lawn in a state that it may never reach. Those dead areas could be that way for a reason, and no amount of fertilizer or watering will fix it.

Don’t Remove Permanent Structures in Your Real Estate Photos

This one can actually get you into legal trouble. You cannot remove the permanent structure around the home, even if they aren’t actually part of the home or property.

This could be power lines, a water tower, or any other permanent structure that goes over the property or blocks the property’s view.

When you have something that is considered unsightly, instead of risking legal troubles with photoshop, use your angles. Your photographer can work with you to find the right camera angle that won’t show the structure, or at least minimize its presence in the photos.

Let’s Make Your Real Estate Photos Beautiful

When working with real estate agents, we listen to their concerns. Then we approach each piece of property individually to address your concerns. The result is photos that focus on enhancing the desirable qualities while minimizing the focus on less than desirable features.

Then we enhance without outright changing the home. This gives you the best images to capture potential buyers without risking legal trouble for you.

Contact our team today, and let’s take some beautiful real estate photos.

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