The day of headshot photography where you have a stool in front of a generic background is over. You can make your headshots look modern and fresh by choosing a different style of background.

If you’re struggling to come up with a headshot idea, we have a few background ideas for you to try. These backgrounds will provide you with a fresh approach to your headshots.

Solid White or Black

You can’t go wrong with the classic black or white background. Both are simple and clean, which brings the focus to you. If you want a more corporate or professional photo, these two are the way to go.

Solid or Textured Wall

A nice looking textured wall is the perfect solution for your headshot photo. It will provide both a backdrop and something for you to lean against.

Look for a subtle texture such as natural grey concrete, brick, or stucco. Try to keep the wall’s color a neutral or natural tone. That way, it won’t take the attention away from you.

Strong Building Lines

Strong architecture makes a great background for headshot backgrounds. A row of columns or a wide set of stairs works really well for your headshot photography.

To make this background work for you, it needs to have a slight blur to it. This enables people to see the general outline of the background but soften it enough to not be distracting.

To choose the right building, look for a repeating pattern or a strong line like a pathway.

Client’s Office

What better place to do headshot photography than in your place of work? This makes for some beautiful headshots because you’re comfortable in your own environment.

It can also create an entire theme for the photo. For example, a chef could take their headshot in their kitchen. Or a lawyer could take their picture in their office or courtroom. Or a scientist could take their headshot in their lab.

The backdrop gives the viewer an immediate impression of what you do. So make sure that the background is a place where it would make sense for you to perform your job.

Make sure your photographer has a chance to visit the space before the day of the photos. This will give them an opportunity to learn what the light is like. Then they can bring the appropriate equipment to enhance or compensate.


The great thing about choosing nature for your background is that you can take advantage of natural lighting. It also works really well for someone in a corporate job whose office may be a bit boring.

Just like the building background, you’ll want to slightly blur the background. This will draw the eye to you, and not the tree behind you.

Pick the Perfect Background for Your Headshot Photography

Before you choose a location for your headshot photography, you need to think about your professional image and the tone of the picture. This will help you determine what kind of background will make the most sense.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your headshot photography background. You want to choose something that will align with your brand and let people know who you are right away.

Contact us today, and we can help you find the perfect background for your headshot photography.

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