It's time you updated your headshot. #realesate #headshot #professionalheadshot #professionalphotography #realestatephotography #floridaphotography
It's time you updated your headshot. #realesate #headshot #professionalheadshot #professionalphotography #realestatephotography #floridaphotography
It's time you updated your headshot. #realesate #headshot #professionalheadshot #professionalphotography #realestatephotography #floridaphotography
It's time you updated your headshot. #realesate #headshot #professionalheadshot #professionalphotography #realestatephotography #floridaphotography
It's time you updated your headshot. #realesate #headshot #professionalheadshot #professionalphotography #realestatephotography #floridaphotography
It's time you updated your headshot. #realesate #headshot #professionalheadshot #professionalphotography #realestatephotography #floridaphotography
It's time you updated your headshot. #realesate #headshot #professionalheadshot #professionalphotography #realestatephotography #floridaphotography

The new year is upon us and now is the time to step back and take an assessment. You’ll look at your personal life, business, and everything in between.

But when was the last time you’ve looked at your realtor headshot? We get it, no one enjoys having their picture taken. So you got your professional headshot done once, and you’re hoping to never do it again.

We are here to tell you that that approach is a mistake. Now is the perfect time to update your professional headshot. The New Year is the perfect time for a fresh beginning.

How Often Should You Update Your Profesional Headshot?

A good rule of thumb is to update your headshot every two years. This is a long enough period of time that your look has changed. Your weight fluctuates, your makeup and hairstyles change, and your personal style has changed.

A quality headshot it going to capture your confidence and personality. It will also help showcase your personal branding that also continually develops.

Waiting for People to Not Recognize You

Most people will tell you that you only need to update your professional headshot when other can no longer recognize you from your photo. This is weird and unhelpful advice.

Think about it, what client is going to tell you that your headshot is so old that didn’t recognize you? It could be from aging, or losing weight, or even gaining weight, any one of these would be for an awkward conversation.

When change happen gradually, we do not notice the difference. A perfect example of this is when people decide to lose weight and get in shape. Because you see yourself every day, you don’t notice the change.

But those who haven’t seen you in a while will immediately notice the huge difference. The same thing happens with your dated headshot.

What It Means to Have a Current Realtor Headshot

Waiting until your look makes a major change to update your headshot gives the impression that you are not on top of your business. A current headshot shows that you are viable, current, and relevant.

If you claim you have years of experience, and your headshot is obviously just as dated, you seem out of touch. It also shows that you lack attention in the details. If you can’t keep up with your headshots, how are you keeping up with your business or even the market?

It’s been proven that a great quality headshot is worth a thousand words. Studies have been done on headshots to determine what elements of your photo lead people to determine how competent, likable, and influential you are.

Signs You Need a New Headshot

Not sure if it’s time for you to get a new headshot? We have a list to help you decide! If you say yes to these, then it’s time for you to hire a professional headshot photographer.

It’s Been More Than 5 Years Since You Last Got Them Done

There is no way to avoid it, your look continually changes. You will look slightly different after a few years. If it has been more than 5 years, you definitely look different.

Ten or twenty years? Now people are going to raise an eyebrow because everything about you and your photo are out of date. Don’t be the real estate agent who is using a headshot that is over 20 years old.

You Have Gained or Lost More Than 20 Pounds Since Your Last Headshot.

If you’ve lost weight, congratulations! You’ve worked hard and deserve to celebrate your new look. How about a headshot to showcase your new look.

If you’ve gained 20 or more pounds, hey it happens. We don’t judge. But you do need your headshot to accurately represent who you are today.

If you’re dreading getting your picture taken, we can help. Here at Lux we pride ourselves in not just taking your picture. We specialize in making you feel comfortable so that we can get you at your best.

There’s no “say cheese” here. We know this isn’t how to get you to smile. Our method is to put you at ease, give you some tips, and creative a comfortable environment so we capture you at your best.

You’ve Radically Changed Your Look

Did you go from brunette to platinum blonde? We love that you’re rocking a new look. But it will throw people off when they are expecting one thing, and you look completely different.

If people immediately comment that you look different from your photo, it’s probably your hair color. This is the one feature that is immediately noticeable, will change your whole look, and people feel safe commenting on.

Your Glasses Situation Has Changed

This is another defining thing that people immediately notice. If you used to wear glasses, and now you don’t, it’s time for a new headshot.

Don’t believe us when we say glasses change your entire look? Check out this Cosmo article comparing people with and without glasses.  

You Currently Use a Candid, or Event Photo, or Cropped Group Photo  

We can’t tell you how many headshots we see that are at least one of these things. We get it, people chose that photo because they think they look good.

The problem is that while you think you look good, you don’t look professional. If you want to be seen as a professional, you need to look like a professional.

You Aren’t Thrilled with Your Current Headshot

Life is way too short to have a headshot you aren’t thrilled about. If you aren’t happy with what you have, now is the perfect time to update your headshot.

We have the knowledge and experience to give you a headshot that you are proud to use. Don’t believe us? Check out our gallery of professional headshot work.

Time to Update Your Headshot

Are you ready to update your realtor headshot? If you answered yes to the above signs, then we are happy and ready to help give you a great professional headshot that you will be proud to use.

Contact us today to schedule your professional headshot session.

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