So you’ve decided to get your professional headshot done. That’s great! We want to help you have the best experience possible.

There are a few things you can do to make sure you have the best photos. You will want to choose the right clothes, accessories, hair, and makeup.

Then you want to have the right lighting, background, and pose.

We’ve put together a list of dos and don’ts that we tell our clients to help them get ready for their photoshoot.

DO- Smile!

You don’t need to do a big toothy grin. That isn’t natural for everyone and if you aren’t comfortable doing it then it will show through.

Try a relaxed and friendly smile. You want to look friendly and welcoming.

DON’T- Wear Bold Patterns

Pick a solid color that is flattering to your skin tone. If you work in a more conservative industry stick with black, grey, or navy.

For more creative industries you can choose a bolder color palette.

No matter what industry you work in, avoid tans and beige. They are too close to skin tone and will wash you out.

DO- Look Professional

This isn’t mean that you have to wear a suit. You just need to look well put together.

A good rule of them is to dress slightly fancier than what your everyday work attire is. If you are still struggling, take a look around your industry.

What are other people wearing in their headshots? Do any stand out as especially good or bad looking? Take note of what they are wearing.

DON’T- Wear Logos

This is your professional headshot that is meant to sell people on you, not on the logos you are wearing. Avoid wearing clothing that is branded.

If you choose a brand that is hot at the moment, your photos will look dated as soon as that brand falls out of favor. If your headshots are for your business, you can get into trouble wearing the brand logo.

Let’s say you have a real estate business, you don’t want your professional photos to have another company’s logo in them. That will make it confusing when used in marketing for your real estate company.

DO- Wear Tasteful Accessories & Glasses

Wearing a large necklace or earrings will be distracting form your face. This is not what you want to have happen.

You also don’t want to choose statement jewelry that can make your headshot look dated.

Aim for subtle yet tasteful jewelry pieces.

If you wear glasses on a daily basis, and people are used to seeing you wear them, then wear them in your headshot. Glasses can completely change the look of your face.

You want people to be able to recognize you when they meet you. So don’t be afraid to wear your glasses in your headshot.

Just be sure to give your glasses a thorough cleaning. You want the lenses to be spotless of all dust and fingerprints.

You also want to push them as far up your nose as they will go. Glasses tend to slip down your nose, and then they will block your eyes. You want your eyes to shine through as this helps showcase your personality.

DON’T- Have Splotchy Lighting

People will tell you to aim for soft indirect lighting. This leads people to want to stand under a tree. The problem is this gives you splotchy lighting.

Working with a professional headshot photographer will solve this lighting problem for you. They will either have a studio to control the lighting, or know an appropriate setting.

They can also do any necessary touches to your headshot. This way you have the best possible image.

DO- Stick with Your Normal Hair and Makeup

We aren’t saying that you can’t get spruced up, just don’t go overboard. Your headshots are not the time to try out that extreme cat eye or mermaid makeup.

That being said, do not feel obligated to wear makeup. If you don’t normally wear makeup, then you don’t need to wear it for your pictures.

This advice also goes for your hair. You don’t need to go all out at the salon with a formal up-do.

The goal for both your hair and makeup is to keep it fresh and clean.

DON’T- Get Overly Creative with Posing

You don’t need to get overly creative with your pose. These aren’t glamour shots.

A simple pose is the way to go. It will make you look professional and direct.

Don’t try to use your pose as a way of expressing your personality. This will make people question your professionalism.

Here at Lux Image Group we like to see how you naturally “pose”. By taking how you naturally stand into account, we can help you find the right professional pose that you are comfortable in.

One thing we want to avoid is the standard headshot photographer. You know the one, where they make you sit on a stool, turn 45 degrees, and angle your head.

Does anyone actually naturally sit like that or feel comfortable doing it? We certainly don’t.

DO- Keep the Background Simple

The background to your headshot can make all of the difference. First, you want to keep it clean and simple. People should be looking at your face, not what is happening behind you.

We love the modern look of a white background. It keeps the background fresh and clean.

If you want more of a lifestyle type shoot we can give you a soft, out of focus, office scene. This gives the hint of the environment without being distracting.

DON’T- Use Your Cell Phone

Avoid using your cell phone to take a selfie. Selfies are for your personal social media, not your professional headshot.

Hiring a professional means they will use a camera placed at the right distance and height from your face. This will give you the best angle and make you look your best.

DO- Hire a Professional

Don’t just hire any professional photographer though. Photographers specialize in different types of photography, so you want to find someone who has experience taking headshots.

You also want to find a headshot photographer that matches your style. When you have similar styles you are more likely to be happy with the completed photos.

Finally, and most importantly, you want to be comfortable with your photographer. The right professional photographer will care about you, and want you to feel good about the process and the finished product.

Let Us Help You

If this seems like a lot to remember, then the best thing to do is to start with a great professional photographer. They can help guide you through the process of choosing the right outfit, location, and pose.

We pride ourselves in giving people the headshot they always dreamed of and never thought they could have. We want to put you at ease and capture your personality.

Contact us today to schedule your professional headshot photoshoot!

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