To replace the sky or not to replace the sky, that is the question. Ask a handful of photographers, and you’ll invariably get a mixed response about whether not to replace the sky in real estate pictures.

The reality of the matter is that the answer depends on the photo and the photographer’s skill level. Done correctly, and a replaced sky can enhance your photos and make your home stunning. Done poorly, and it looks like a bad photoshop job and unrealistic.

Why Bother with the Sky?

The sky takes up a good portion of the photo. So if you leave a dark and stormy sky, it can set the tone for the rest of the picture. Now the home looks dark and gloomy. No one wants to live in a gloomy house.

Homebuyers are 85% more likely to click on the listing with a blue sky.

A Word of Caution

Switching out the sky can give your home a bright and cheerful look, You should pay attention to what you might be inadvertently removing. While it’s acceptable to replace the sky, it isn’t ok to remove power lines and structures.

Uneven Lighting

If there are clouds in the sky, then they’ll create uneven lighting in the picture. This will create a splotchy and unappealing image. You can’t fix the lighting on the house without also fixing the sky. Otherwise, the photo won’t look authentic.

Image Quality Attracts More Clients

Thanks to social media everyone, is a photography expert these days. People may not be able to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong, but they’ll be able to tell that something’s wrong.

Changing out the sky and making the image brighter and more vibrant will improve quality. Now your home photo will stand out in the endless sea of online real estate listings.

Pay Attention to the Interior Shots

Having the sky fixed on an exterior shot is an obvious move. But if you really want to have professional-looking photos, you need to look at all of your pictures. If there’ s a window in the shot, can you sky the sky?

Have your photographer adjust the sky that can be seen through the window so that all of your pictures have a cohesive look.

Hire an Expert for Your Real Estate Pictures

We have years of experience photographing real estate and know how to make your homes look beautiful. This includes the delicate and artistic replacement of the sky so that it compliments the house.

Contact us today and schedule an appointment for home photography today.

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