It doesn’t matter how amazing a home is or how talented your photographer is, if the home isn’t staged well, the pictures won’t impress. We specialize in real estate photography in Tampa and know what it takes to create stunning real estate photos.

We have a list of tips that go beyond the standard home staging tips.

Schedule a Walkthrough

It’s best to do a planning walkthrough with your real estate agent, and if possible, the photographer. This can help you identify any issues and create a to-do list before the shoot.

The photographer will make notes of things like harsh lighting or too little lighting in rooms. You can discuss possible solutions.

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Do the Shoot After You Finish Your Projects

Why would you take professional photos before you finish work? It would seem obvious, but there are many homeowners that try to rush the process and make the mistake of taking pictures before their projects are completed.

We understand that you want to get your home on the market as soon as possible. But you’re doing work to improve the property; you should showcase it in the photos.

Consider the Season

Having seasonal items in the photos can show that they’re recent. But if your home takes too long to sell, then your photos will quickly look dated. Buyers will immediately notice and assume your photos are old.

Try to keep your photos seasonally neutral to avoid this problem. This means keeping the fruit in your bowl generic with apples and oranges. When you choose flowers, pick ones that are not distinctly seasonal.

Do a Little Soft Staging

You don’t have to completely replace everything in your home to have a perfectly staged house. Soft staging is where you leave the furniture alone and focus on small accents.

  • Add artwork to the walls
  • Hang towels in the bathroom
  • Place a decorative bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter
  • Choose an accent for the coffee table

These small touches are what take a home from run of the mill to straight stunner.

Don’t Forget to Look Out of the Window

When was the last time you looked out of your windows and paid attention to the view? If you haven’t, now is the time. Potential buyers don’t want to know that they’ll spend their time staring at a brick wall.

While you can’t photoshop the view, you can get creative with the home staging. Let’s say there is a fence blocking your view. You could place a large-flowered plant in the window. This will draw the viewer’s eye back into the house, and the fence will make a lovely backdrop.

Hire an Expert Photographer

We have professional real estate photography experience and can help you set your home up for success with beautiful photos. You can leverage our experience with real estate photography in Tampa to make your home stand out among the many online listings.

Contact us today and schedule an appointment for home photography today.

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