You want to make sure that you capture the entire home for your real estate listing. But there is also such a thing as having too many photos.

There need to be enough pictures for your real estate listing to give potential buyers a full and accurate impression of the home. However, don’t use so many that you overwhelm people and they abandon the listing.

The MLS also has limits on how many images you can upload. You’ll want to make sure that you upload the right pictures so that you don’t waste your uploads on repetitive or unnecessary things.

The Real Estate Shot List

Here is the standard shot list for the average sized home. We find that it typically will take at least 25 images to fully capture a home for a real estate listing.

  • Front Exterior
  • Family Room
  • Kitchen
  • Eat-In Kitchen Area
  • Master Bedroom
  • Master Bathroom
  • Guest Bedrooms
  • Guest Bathrooms
  • Back Exterior

For Smaller Homes

Now, if you are listing a home that is on the smaller side, you may not need multiple images of some of these rooms. This could become redundant and boring to view.

For Larger Homes

If the home you are selling is larger, then you may find that you need more images. This is because you have more rooms than the above listed to take pictures of.

  • Media Room
  • Game Room
  • Formal Dining
  • Formal Living
  • Man Cave
  • Front Entry
  • Subdivision Amenities

The Exterior Real Estate Photos

The best time to shoot the exterior of a home is when the sunlight is hitting the front of the home. If the sun is behind the home, then the camera is facing into the light.

This will result in it being difficult to see the details of the front of the home. The sunlight will back light the home.

If you have the pictures taken with the sun overhead, you’ll have shadows cast over the home. Shadows are going to make the home look uninviting and hide the details of the front of the home.

Now, this is the ideal, sometimes the sun will never hit the front of the home. Sometimes schedules don’t allow for shooting to be done at the ideal time. This is when hiring a professional real estate photographer is a must.

A professional is going to be able to work with the light and give you the best possible shot no matter what.

Exterior Shot List

There needs to be more thought about than simply taking a camera, pointing it at the home, and taking a picture. When shooting exteriors, a professional photographer will know how to show the home in the best light at the best angle

Here are some sample ideas for exterior shots that can showcase the home.

The Frontside of the Home

  • One head-on of the front of the home from the street (Your curb appeal shot)
  • One of the front from an angle to the left or right
  • One close up of the front of the home. (This will be more inviting and show more detail of the front of the home)

The Backside of the Home

  • Two or so at angles to give a view of the size of the backyard and the backside of the home
  • One more close up so to show the details of the back of the home, such as the patio or porch

Interior Real Estate Pictures

When getting the interior shots on our list, there are certain rooms you’ll most likely need more than one shot of. These are the larger main rooms of the home.

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

For the majority of bedrooms and bathrooms, you only need shot. That should be plenty to give potential buyers an idea of the side and features.

Family Room

For smaller homes, you only need one image of the family room. But for larger homes, you may need two, three, or more.

Start by having two images from opposite angles. This will give the broadest and more accurate view of the home.

If there is an interesting or unique feature, you’ll want to make sure that it is included in the images. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need another dedicated picture to it though.

These types of feature could be a large fireplace. Or maybe there are french doors or a picture window with an incredible view.


Kitchens tend to present a great challenge. You want to showcase the size, cabinets, and appliances. This usually takes 2-5 photos depending on the size and layout of the kitchen.

Schedule Your Real Estate Photo Shoot

When it comes to real estate photography, you need to have a shot list as a game plan so that you can be sure to get every great feature of the home. When you hire a professional photographer, they can do this for you.

They will know what images you need. Then they’ll send you your pictures ready for use on the MLS, other listing sites, or any of your marketing materials.

Schedule a shoot today and let us get the shots you need to sell your real estate listings quickly.

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