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Have you begun using real estate videos yet? There are several ways you can use video to boost your real estate marketing.

By creating engaging and well-shot videos, you’re staying at the forefront of the market. Your current and potential clients are more likely to watch your videos then engage with other forms of marketing.

Try these ideas for videos in your marketing plan.

Start with the Video

Before you make your fliers, handouts, or postcards, make a video. Have this be the first thing you do for every house. Don’t save video for the million-plus homes.

Your video doesn’t have to be anything overly complicated. It can be something as simple as a video walkthrough of the exterior and interior of the home.

The beginning of the video should have text that introduces the home. Then the end should have your contact information.

Each video should only be a couple of minutes long. You want to give viewers an enticing taste of what the home has to offer. Don’t give so much that they don’t need to see the home in person.

Get to Know Facebook Live and Instagram TV

Both of these facets of the social media platforms allow you to engage with your following. You could show videos of homes. But do more than this.

Create videos that answer common questions. Take note of the questions buyers and sellers ask. Then create short videos that address them.

You can also use video to create hype and interest during your open houses. You can show how many people are at your open house.

Testimonial or Interview Videos

Create testimonial or interview videos of clients that you’ve worked with. They can describe their buying/selling experience. Have them focus on what it was like to work with you.

They could compare the experience to other real estate agents they’ve worked with. Be sure to keep it anonymous, though; you don’t want them to specifically mention and disparage anyone in your video.

You could also create videos with other business professionals that you work with. These are people that have relevant information for your audience.

For example, you could create a video with a mortgage lender, construction company, architect, or real estate attorney. These are all professionals that your clients may need to employ during the home buying or selling process.

Have the professional talk about pain points or common dilemmas that homeowners face. Then have them provide a solution or the problem.

You could even create a video with your favorite real estate photographer. This video would talk about how your clients can prepare their homes for professional photography.

Neighborhood Videos

In these videos, you’ll aim to give buyers an introduction to a neighborhood. This can be vital when someone isn’t familiar with the area. It can also help to sell people on an area that is changing.

I can help you create part of the video by doing drone photography. This is the quickest and easiest way to give people an overall impression of a particular area.

It can also give people a bird’s eye view of how close everything is. This is perfect for homes that have several amenities nearby.

The other part of the videos should be you giving information about the neighborhood. You could talk about its history, current demographics, standout features, and future growth.

Culture Videos

Let potential clients know what it’s like to work with your team. Do you have a fun and active team? Or maybe you want to highlight your professionalism and experience?

Creating short videos of your team can help your potential clients decide if you’re the right fit for their new home search. Each team member can talk about one aspect of your service.

This gives people a peek at what’s like day to day in your office. Plan out talking points, but don’t overly script your videos. This gives your team a chance to show their personality.

These videos also work well for recruiting. You want to have the best people on your team. The best in the business want to work for a positive and encouraging boss. Your culture videos can help you attract the top talent.

Client Updates

Do you have a memorable property or client that you could do an update on? Maybe one of your clients completely remodeled their home?

You could do an update video on previous clients with a video that features the changes to their home. This is content created for you since the homeowner is the one who did all of the work.

By creating the video you are fostering the relationship you have with that homeowner. You’re also creating a personal connection with your followers.

A follow up video signals to potential clients that you genuinely take an interest in your clients. This will encourage them to work with you over another agent who may take a more transactional approach.

Year in Review

As we approach the end of 2019, this is the perfect time to start thinking about a year in review video. This lets you highlight stand out homes throughout the year. Or you can acknowledge accomplishments achieved by your team.

If you’ve already created videos this year, then you already have your content and it’s a matter of piecing it together.

If you have created ny videos this year, you can make a slideshow type video. Use your high-quality real estate images to create your video.

Let’s Create Your Real Estate Videos

If you’re looking to get started creating real estate videos, I can help you. With my drone and video work, I can create beautiful videos of your homes.

With simple and clean photography, your marketing will look professional. This will make potential buyers more likely to contact you.

Contact me today, and let’s plan your first video.

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