First impressions mean everything, and as a real estate professional, you know this better than anyone. The right professional photo can give potential clients the right impression of how you will perform.

Just like a home’s curb appeal, your professional photo is the first opportunity for people to get a sense of who you are. Therefore, you want that first impression to be one of professionalism.

We are going to help you choose the right image to ensure you are making the best impression possible.

professional headshot Professional Photo

Why Professional Photos Are so Important

Having a picture of you in your marketing material will humanize you. It makes you seem more approachable and forms a personalized connection with those who view your marketing materials.

Since buying a home is a personal and emotional experience, you need to form that connection with clients so that they trust you to guide them through the home buying or selling process.

How to Pick a Professional Photo

There are a few things you need to consider when choosing the right image for your marketing materials.

Pick the Right Photographer

Hiring a professional photographer will ensure you have a professional-looking headshot. They can set up a relaxing environment so that you can have a picture you are proud of.

Don’t just pick any photographer though. Not all professional photographers specialize in headshots. So you need a photographer with the right equipment and experience to take a quality photo.

Look for a photographer who has experience with taking headshots and is someone you are comfortable with. Your chosen photographer should put you at ease and make the experience an enjoyable one.

Avoid the Selfie

Don’t use a selfie. Seriously. Stop doing this. Selfies are for your personal social media, not your business. No matter how hard you try, it will always look like a selfie, and therefore, unprofessional.

This means you need to get someone else to take the picture for you. Even if you don’t want to hire a professional, have a friend or family member take a picture of you.

professional headshot Professional Photo

Stick With a Headshot

Some of the places you will use your professional photo will be quite small. Because of this, you’ll want to stick with a headshot. This way, the image will remain clear and understandable, even at a small ratio.

A good rule of thumb is to include your head, neck, and shoulders. This is enough to make the picture look balanced and not like a floating head. But not too much showing where your face becomes small, and people can’t recognize you.

Keep it Simple

The image you choose should be of only you. Don’t include family, pets, objects, or anything else. Keep the background simple and void of distractions. The goal is to have the viewer focus on you.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t use another separate picture of you and your family. But this should be used in key places and be a separate image from your professional photo.

Keep it Current

This is an awkward topic to bring up, but one we all need to think about. We all know that one person who uses a headshot from 20 years ago. They look great in the image, but it doesn’t quite look like them today.

When people first meet you, they expect to meet the person they saw in the image. If you aren’t that person, they will be left wondering. Polite individuals won’t say anything, but the silent elephant will be in the room lurking.

This means thinking about the unspoken message an old photo sends. If you are dishonest about this, what else are you going to smooth over and try to hide?

Buyers will equate it to you dressing up a less than desirable older home to convince them to buy. This is counterproductive to starting off a trusting relationship.

Wear the Right Clothes

Choose your outfit carefully. Consider the personality and image of your brand. For some, this means wearing a suit. For others, it means dressing well but not necessarily in a formal suit.

Whatever you wear, make sure it is clean, crisp, and fits you perfectly. For women, it shouldn’t be too low cut.

Stick with clothing pieces that are one solid color. This will translate better in the image. You don’t want a bold print taking away from you.

Jewelry and Makeup

Keep your jewelry classic and understated. A bold piece may look great now but may make your photos looked dated in a year or two.

Avoid trendy makeup techniques. You want your makeup to enhance your looks without distracting from you as a person.

Stay Consistent

Choose one professional photo and stick with it for all of your marketing materials. The key is to build a consistent brand across all platforms.

Using the same photo for social media, your website, and print advertising will make you more readily recognizable.

professional headshot Professional Photo

The Right Expression

Finally, how do you want to be perceived? Serious and professional? Fun and welcoming? Try to aim for an expression that makes you look friendly and approachable.

The trick to this is to not think about it too hard. The more you try and focus, the tenser your face will become. This will have the exact opposite effect of what you are aiming for.

A good photographer will know how to capture your personality when you least expect it. These are usually the best images to use.

Let’s Take Your Professional Photo Today

As a professional photographer, I know what it takes to achieve a professional headshot. I know and understand the feeling of not wanting to her your picture taken.

Let’s put you at ease and take a professional photo that is true to you and something you can be proud of. The whole process is easy and painless.

Schedule a headshot session with me today and start making a positive first impression with your potential clients.

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