The photographer you use for your real estate listing can make or break the listing. So why are you trusting the future of your real estate business with a less than stellar photographer?

Even the most beautiful luxury home won’t get many visits if the photography is poor. Without the right photography, that knockdown won’t attract buyers who can see its true potential.

Make sure your real estate photographer has these 9 qualities.

1. They Think Ahead

A good photographer will take a well framed and non-blurry picture. A great photographer will plan ahead and think about every element of the image.

For example, they will consider the direction the home faces and plan their photo shoot accordingly. If the house faces west that means the sun rises from behind the house. Your photographer shouldn’t want to take early morning photos.

What you will end up with is a bright light above the house and dark long shadows cast over the front of the house. This is unflattering and makes the front of the home look terrible.

We understand that sometimes you are busy and can’t be available the ideal photography time. There are a couple of options. We are happy to work with you and do what it takes to capture the best images of your homes.

2. They Will Elevate the Exterior Shots

When it comes to shooting a two-story home, an elevated shot can really make all of the difference. Just keep in mind that there is such a thing as going too high.

When was the last time you needed a framed shot of the roof? Probably never.

A skilled photographer will know what just the right height is for the home. For your own knowledge, a good rule of thumb is to go no higher than the upper windows.

You also want a photographer who looks beyond your home. Homeowner’s make sure that their home is tour ready, but the neighbors don’t. Too high and broad of an elevated shot and you’re inadvertently featuring the roof and surrounding yards.


3. They Plan the Exterior Light

There are two times when the light is naturally the best. That is right after dawn and right before sunset.

These are the two best times when both people and homes look their best. The key to capturing this though is with the photographer. An inexperienced photographer won’t have the skill level to create an amazing shot.

Twilight photography is so challenging because the window of time to get the shot is so limited. There are maybe 10 to 15 minutes of perfect light and then it is gone.

4. No More Rainbow Skies

Sure the dramatic skies are stunning. But they completely take away from the focal point of the image. Remember, this isn’t art, you are trying to sell a home.

You need to find a photographer who can artfully replace that less than stellar sky. But they also need to have the restraint to choose one that looks beautiful but not overly dramatic.

real estate photography

5. Know the Law

There’s a difference between enhancing a home and misrepresenting it. A good photographer will know the law and know what is acceptable and what is not.

It’s understandable that as the real estate agent you want to show your home int he best way possible. So think of your real estate photographer as your voice of reason.

They can bring you back to reality and keep you from getting into a whole lot of trouble. Remember, Photoshop is your friend, but shouldn’t be a crutch.

6. Wrangling the Indoor Lighting

The art of photography is all about knowing how to use lighting. At a very minimum, your photographer should have a flash and at least two portable lights and stands.

A talented photographer can create stunning images with just natural light. But this may take longer and require more fiddling. That’s when portable lights come in handy.

Ask your photographer how they accomplished a well-lit interior while also not allowing the windows to become completely washed out. Their answer to this question will give you insight into the photographer’s understanding of light.

HDR Photography

7. Wide Angle Lenses

We all know that a wide angle lens is a must for real estate photography. The thing is, there are some situations where you don’t want to capture the entire room.

Showing the room with an excessively wide image will make the room seem significantly larger than it actually is. The problem with this is that buyers will get immediately greeted with disappointment.

They will walk into the room expecting to see a vast living room. Instead they are greeted by a cozy place for two.

This type of disappointment will ruin a real estate agent’s reputation. Buyers will remember and be less likely to trust your listings in the future.

Secondly, the wide angle shot may not be the best approach to sell the home. Photographers and real estate agents sometimes get hung up on the wide angle shot.

Remember, the goal is to sell the home, and a beautifully composed shot with tasteful styling can sometimes sell a home better than a dull wide angle shot.

Hire a High-Quality Real Estate Photographer Today

Here at Lux Image Group we have the skill and know how to create stunning images of your real estate inventory. We know how to create images that are both well lit and well framed.

We can work with you and your schedule to ensure we capture the best images of your home.

Contact us today and schedule your next home photo shoot.

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