Daytime photos are the standard, especially here in Florida. Twilight real estate photos stand out with their strong colors, lack of shadows, and warm interior glow.

What is Twilight Photography?

Our expertise and equipment enable us to take stunning images of your home at dusk. That magical moment between night and day as the sun sets. The sky lights up with brilliant hues of pink, purple, orange, and red.

Homes have a warm interior glow as light dims on the exterior. This softer ambient light outside reduces the amount of shadows that obscure the view of your home.

What Type of Real Estate is Best for Twilight Photography?

Look at the window size and placement on the home. Those with large well placed windows look best in twilight light. Backyards that have a pool or spa also benefit from twilight photography. Homes that have architectural details that might get lost in super bright light or dark shadows should have a twilight photo taken.

Why Should You Choose Twilight Photography?

Done correctly twilight photos create the WOW! Factor that makes a home stand out in the market of available homes. Used as a cover photo for showcasing your home you give potential buyers a view of the home they probably won’t see.

By offering twilight photography you add an enhanced service for your clients. This type of photography is normally associated with higher-end homes, which gives your home a more lux feel.

What if the Home Has Poor Curb Appeal?

A home with poor curb appeal can benefit from twilight photos. We can work with you to make the home look stunning. By creating the right interior lighting to glow through the windows we add a sense of ambiance. Then with a sunset sky full of color and careful positioning we can make a home with less than stellar curb appeal stand out.

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