Looking for an exterior photo that stands out? Elevated photography can take a home from nice to attention grabbing.

What is Elevated Photography?

By raising the camera you change the point of view to much higher point than that of the average photography. Most photography will be taken at a height of between 5 and 6 feet as this is the height of the average person.

Elevated photography has the camera at a height of 20 to 30 feet. This gives a better perspective of the home and surrounding grounds. This eliminates the problem of too much grass in the foreground and distortion from pointing the camera up.

Why Should You Choose Elevated Photography?

When browsing homes for sale you will notice that almost every exterior image is taken from the curb at standing height. This is because most photographer will stand outside the home and take a picture.

This may work fine, but it doesn’t create an impact or assist in making the home stand out. An elevated image will create that stand out factor you need to help sell your home.

What Type of Real Estate is Best for Elevated Photography?

Some properties have landscaping that hinders your view. Potential buyers depend on photography to get a good idea of what a home looks like. Using an elevated approach gives a clear view of the home behind the landscaping.

Elevated photography is ideal when your property is too large to capture in one image. You need the height to accurately convey the expanse of the land.

This same approach applies to sweeping views looking out from the property. The selling point of the home may be the view looking out. If you can’t capture that, you are doing the home a disservice. An elevated approach to capture the view will help you get the most for your home.

Larger and two story home greatly benefit from elevated photography as it reduces distortion from using an angle that is too low. Putting the camera point of view higher gives you a quality accurate representation of the home.

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